Top 10 Facts About HMC

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246,291 pupils are
taught in HMC schools
in the UK and 

Over 50%
of pupils
from HMC's
298 schools

go to a Top 25 UK

87% of pupils in HMC
schools in the UK go on
to higher education.

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34% of pupils in HMC
schools across the UK
received help with their
fees in 2019/20.

77% of HMC schools in
the UK and Ireland are
co-educational, 10% are
boys' only and 14% are girls'
only schools. 58% offer boarding
in some form.

Average fees in HMC schools 
start at £3,628
per term/£10,884 per
year for day students
and £8,297 per term/
£24,891 per year for
boarding students.

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Fact 9

99% of HMC schools
are in academic
with state schools.

There is one teacher for
every 9 pupils in HMC
schools in England
compared with one per
22 in the state sector.

100% of HMC schools are
involved in partnerships
with state maintained
schools and their local

Fact 10


Pupils in HMC schools
play on average between
5 and 6 hours of sports
and games a week in
over 40 different sports
-  double the amount
played by pupils in state schools.


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