HMC calls for public inquiry into exam shambles

As students and teachers prepare for the release of GCSE grades tomorrow, HMC General Secretary Dr Simon Hyde said:

“Alongside our state school colleagues, we are calling for a public inquiry into the shambles of the 2020 exams.

“It is vital that lessons are learnt to avoid making the same mistakes next year. We are worried about the effect of this mess on students taking their A Levels and GCSEs in 2021; they must return to school knowing that there is a sensible and ethical system in place if their exams have to be cancelled.

“In particular, we need to understand why important decisions were taken once exams were cancelled to try and use statistics to predict every individual student’s grade in every subject, and how much emphasis was put on fairness for every young person. There are fundamental questions about the trust put in teachers and how their centre assessed grades were used.

“HMC also welcomes the lifting of the cap on university places and backs the need for funding of more university places. We cannot see more disappointment piled on to students who now have higher grades but no university place.

“Investing in our young people’s futures is entirely logical for any government that believes in education and must be a long-term aim as the numbers of 18-year-olds are due to increase over the next few years.

“Heads will now be working tirelessly with parents to help students secure these university places, as well as supporting young people as they receive their GCSE results tomorrow.”





19 August 2020