HMC comment on Ofqual decision on reform of Modern Foreign Languages

Dr Simon Hyde, General Secretary of HMC, said;

“HMC’s schools in England want to see a vibrant, enjoyable and exciting Modern Languages qualification. HMC members fear that the narrow focus of these proposals confirmed today will not arrest the declining numbers wishing to study languages.

“This model will not give students the confidence in their language, both at examination level and as a life skill, to take forward into further studies, careers and personal endeavours.

“Crucially, these proposals will further widen the academic step up for students moving from GCSE to A Level languages, which is already significant and may deter many students from studying languages at A Level. The costs and time involved in retraining teachers and redesigning resources, so soon into the lifecycle of the current language specifications, will be an unnecessary burden on schools when they are already incredibly stretched.”


14 January 2022