HMC General Secretary Dr Simon Hyde congratulates students, teachers and parents on a hard-won set of GCSE grades this year

“The last 18 months have been like no other but it has been so heartening to see heads, teachers and students rise to the challenge, overcome so many barriers that have been put in front of them, and secure great outcomes.

Whilst some may wish to question the validity or integrity of these results, or seek to make unhelpful and inaccurate comparisons against different assessment models used in previous years, we congratulate all students for their hard work and application. They can have full confidence in the rigorous process, which has been adopted across the country, each grade supported by evidence and with final grades submitted to exam boards for approval. Students, parents, colleges, universities and employers can be fully assured with the grades that are issued today.

Sincere congratulations to all those getting their results today.”


12 August 2021