HMC response to new guidance on exam grade appeals

Following the Government’s announcement that mock exam results can be used as part of appeals against assessed grades, HMC Chair Fiona Boulton, Head of Guildford High School, said: “The current last minute confusion over exam grading is putting an inordinate amount of stress on students, parents and teachers.

“It is clear that we need clarity from the Secretary of State before the release of results tomorrow on the technical detail of appeals. We need a definition of the term ‘mock’ as these are very different in every school. The CAGs are much more nuanced than mocks as so much more data was taken into account by teachers in every school.

“To pupils in our schools, I would say that I am sorry for the confusion that reigns. Some of you may have missed a grade and you may have grounds for an appeal. Do take advice from your school on how to go about this.

“It may be that your chosen university will have taken you anyway. At 8.00am tomorrow you will receive your grades and UCAS track updates and you will be able to see whether you have been accepted by either your first or insurance university.

“It may be that you have been placed into Clearing and if so it is important to act quickly. You can research universities and courses before 8.00am (before you know your grades or UCAS track status) and you can start calling institutions from 8.00am.

“You will need your UCAS number so have it at hand. Be patient on the phone and be prepared to spend a great deal of time waiting to speak to someone. When you get through they will ask you questions and you can ask questions of them. They will not expect instant decisions and you will have time to think about what to do.

“Staff in your schools will be on hand to help you. We just ask that the Government provides us with the technical detailed information on the appeals process that we all urgently need to help the pupils in our care.”


12 August 2020