HMC statement on Everyone’s Invited and serious allegations appearing online

HMC General Secretary Dr Simon Hyde responds to a number of serious and anonymous allegations of peer-on-peer sexual harassment and abuse from current and former school pupils which are appearing online.

Dr Hyde said:

“We are deeply saddened to read these distressing accounts. All schools are a microcosm of the society in which they operate, and gendered violence, harassment and abuse have no place in either.

“The welfare and safety of young people is the primary concern of all HMC schools, evidenced by the growth of and investment in provision for pastoral care and support. Our members are listening and willing to act, but it is more difficult to act effectively on anonymised allegations, and we urge those affected to seek support and redress through their schools.

“Cases are being reported to appropriate authorities and the whole community is working hard with pupils and their parents to ensure schools are safe spaces, those affected  get the help they need and abusive behaviour inside, or outside, the school gates is stamped out.

“We will think carefully how to assist our members in guiding those in their care through a fast-changing world in which the voice of young people must be heard and acted upon positively.”


20 March 2021