HMC statement on the use of teacher assessment grades

Commenting on the continuing confusion over exam grading, Dr Simon Hyde, the incoming HMC General Secretary and head of the King’s School, Macclesfield, said:

“The only way now to stop this intolerable strain on students and teachers is to award the teacher assessment grades or CAGs.

“Whilst we accept that the unavoidable outcome is grade inflation, we believe this is the less bad option when tens of thousands of students are facing unfair grades, thousands of schools are facing an as yet undeveloped appeals process and most of us need to concentrate our energy on supporting the Prime Minister’s desire to reopen our schools in a few weeks’ time.”

“It also allows GCSE grades to be published as planned; the last thing anyone needs is more delay and confusion.”

His comments followed a snap poll of HMC heads (13.08.2020) about their views on this year’s A-Level results which found:

>       81% of heads believe this year’s results are unfair: only 19% believe they are fair.

>      94.5% have subjects in which the awarded grades are significantly below the centre assessment grades. 5% do not.

>       37% of heads said their pupils are experiencing more difficulty than normal in getting into university.




17 August 2020