ISC responds to Competition and Markets Authority letter on fees

The chief executive of the Independent Schools Council, Julie Robinson, has responded to a letter from the Competition and Markets Authority, which reminded schools about competition law compliance during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Julie Robinson said: “Schools, like so many small organisations, are operating under tremendous pressure during this unprecedented crisis and they are trying hard to understand the best way of offering reductions or rebates to support parents during these difficult times.

“We know of no evidence that schools are deliberately sharing information with each other and the CMA acknowledges that schools are striving to do the right thing. This matter has been resolved amicably with the CMA and of course we continue to brief schools on their responsibilities to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

“We are grateful for the CMA’s timely reminder, which is entirely in line with the advice the ISC and its constituent associations are giving members.”


29 April 2020