Ofsted Review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges

HMC chair Sally-Anne Huang said: “The revelations by thousands of young people on the Everyone’s Invited website are shocking and need to be taken incredibly seriously.

Several HMC schools welcomed the opportunity to contribute directly to the report. Our members are already working closely with local safeguarding authorities and the police. They have commissioned reviews of their safeguarding processes and, of course, have been in close dialogue with parents and pupils as well as encouraging further conversations with students and seeking to share best practice.

However, today’s report outlines the amount of work that is needed across all of society to address the issue of sexual harassment and misogyny, which exists everywhere, not just in schools.

Safeguarding is an integral part of our schools’ culture and sex and relationships education has never received more prominence. Pupil voice is actively sought and encouraged and our schools and colleges are regulated and inspected on a regular basis.

HMC will take due care and time to examine the findings and recommendations of this report, as it deserves, and work with schools, their heads, students and parents, to introduce procedural changes where appropriate and needed, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children.”

Anyone affected by sexual abuse in schools can seek support and advice through the dedicated NSPCC helpline on 0800 136 663.


10 June 2021