PLQ Mentor Information

This page provides information regarding the training and support available for those new to mentoring PLQ participants, and also a summary of what has changed for 2023-24.

Optional online training session – 28/09/23 @4.15pm

This 90 minute session will provide an introduction to basic coaching and mentoring techniques and concepts.

Whilst this session has been designed with the ISQAM & PLQ programmes in mind, it will not include a briefing or explanation of either programme as that is available from the following online video:

PLQ briefing video for mentors

This 6 minute video provides an overview of the programme and how it works for new mentors who are unfamiliar with PLQ.

PLQ Mentor Briefing Video Transcript

PLQ Briefing Document

What’s changed for 2023-24?

We are offering face-to-face and online PLQ courses at both levels this year.

There are no major changes to the module content and activities but we have included pre-session activities and reading for some modules as well as updating other resources. All participant materials will be available on Padlet rather than paper copies.