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19 April 2024


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The HMC Podcast – conversations offering insights and inspiration on topical educational issues from all around the world.

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Kindly sponsored and supported by HMC Gold Partner, The Bonjour Agency, The HMC Podcast is available now on all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music.

About the Podcast

Hosted By

Tom Lawson

Headmaster, Eastbourne College

Six conversations offering inspiration and information on topics such as leadership, the future of education and assessment, pastoral care, safeguarding and EDI, and partnerships and bursaries.

A platform for voices from both inside and outside of HMC to discuss national and international educational issues, encouraging the sharing of interesting practice, exciting innovations, and insights into the different ways schools are approaching these areas of work.

In each episode Tom will also spend two minutes getting to know a new member to welcome them into HMC and set the foundations for the collegiality on offer throughout our global association.


Episode 2: Getting Regional with Deneal Smith and Kevin Carson

Featuring Deneal Smith, Head at Bootham School, and Kevin Carson, Headteacher at Royal Masonic School for Girls and our new HMC member, Claire Chisholm, Principal at Lomond School.

“Having a group of people that you're connected to that shares some of the problems and challenges and pleasures that we all get ... I really value that.”
Kevin Carson, Headteacher, Royal Masonic School for Girls