HMC is a Heads' association and therefore it is the Head, not the school, who is the member, although the quality of the school qualifies the Head for membership. Many of the benefits of membership do however also extend to the school. All HMC members and their schools share the same educational values and commitment to quality, innovation and excellence in education, providing reassurance to parents and pupils that they are choosing the very best education for their child.

Membership Criteria

There are four types of HMC membership;

  • Full Membership: open to Heads of independent schools in the UK and Ireland.
  • International Membership: open to Heads of independent schools overseas.
  • HMC Associatesopen to Heads of high performing maintained schools and key individuals in the world of education.
  • HMC Affiliates: open to Heads of Schools in foundations led by an overarching Principal or CEO in HMC membership

All HMC member schools are regularly inspected and accredited against both qualitative and quantitative membership criteria in order to ensure that the HMC kite mark continues to exemplify quality, innovation and excellence in education.

The opportunity to share ideas, concerns and good practice with other HMC members around the country and to benefit from shared experiences and interests has been hugely beneficial. I have no doubt at all as to the benefits this has brought to me both personally as a leader but also to my school.

Kevin Fear, Headmaster of Nottingham High School

Benefits of Membership

  • HMC is a kite mark of global quality, innovation and excellence in education.
  • Members belong to an association of heads and schools who share the same educational values.
  • Access to a wide variety of training and professional development opportunities through HMCPD for staff at all levels in the school.
  • An annual programme of Research & Development designed to promote the sector and HMC schools in particular.
  • Personal support and professional advice on matters affecting the Head in his or her role within the school.
  • Induction into leadership and HMC through courses provided by HMCPD and access to a mentor during the initial stages of the Head's first headship.
  • Membership of a regional support network through one of ten divisions.
  • Opportunities to develop international links for students and staff across HMC's extensive international network of members.
  • Opportunities to receive staff and students from abroad through HMC Projects.
  • Access for students in HMC schools to financial help towards worthwhile gap-year opportunities, funded via the Bulkeley-Evans Scholarship Fund.
  • A dedicated member zone on the HMC website.
  • Legal advice and support through ASCL.
  • Access to inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)
  • Access to the Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel (IStip)
  • Political lobbying on behalf of members and their schools when new policies are being considered or consulted on, particularly where these might adversely affect the school's independence.

To find out more about becoming a member of HMC, please contact us on [email protected]