Statement from Dr Simon Hyde following announcement on the charitable status of schools

General Secretary of HMC, Dr Simon Hyde, said;

“Independent schools contribute nearly £14bn to the UK economy every year, support more than 300,000 jobs and save the taxpayer another £3.5bn annually through the education of 600,000 children and young people, at no additional cost. 100% of HMC schools are involved in partnerships with local state sector schools, bringing a huge range of cultural, sporting, academic and pastoral benefits for all involved.

Research by Baines Cutler has shown that removing the charitable status of independent schools would not yield the amounts suggested, but would instead end up costing the taxpayer significant sums of money, as schools would be eligible for VAT recovery. Schools currently pay PAYE, business rates and VAT and pay significant sums in tax every year.

HMC looks forward to working with all political parties to improve the education of all young people in the UK, especially as we emerge from the pandemic and the immense disruption so many learners have experienced over the last 18 months.”


26 September 2021