Forest School

Forest School

Type: Day / Co-ed
Age Range: 4-18
Head's Name: Marcus Cliff Hodges
Address: College Place
E17 3PY
United Kingdom
Phone: 0208 5201744
Division: London

School Profile

Forest is a large, vibrant school, with more than 1200 boys and girls in equal proportion, from 4 to 18. Our traditional House structure means that each pupil is treated as an individual, of whom we have the highest expectations, whilst our size enables us to offer breadth and depth of opportunity.

Forest School knows its pupils and knows itself. It puts the individual child at the centre of all it does and promotes a clear set of values: Excellence, Diversity, Community, Heritage.

This is a humane, open-minded school with both feet on the ground, in which the pupils’ personal development is outstanding and academic attainment high. It is, above all, a happy school which understands the rich inter-relationship between the curricular, the co-curricular and the pastoral.

We benefit from a tremendous location: London but not London, a city school surrounded by ancient forest, safe but not secluded, and within a diverse, dynamic community. There is boldness in the school’s character, a readiness to be forward-thinking and adaptable, with pride in what we are and excitement for what lies ahead.

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