Merchant Taylors’ School (Northwood)

Merchant Taylors’ School (Northwood)

Type: Day / Single Sex (Boys only)
Age Range: 11-18
Head's Name: Simon Everson
Address: Sandy Lodge Lane
Phone: 01923 820644
Division: London

School Profile

Merchant Taylors' School has provided outstanding educational opportunities to boys in the London area since 1561. By any criteria, our boys make us one of the 'top ten' boys' schools in the UK. Parents often want, the "best boys' school" for their son. But the truth is that there is no such thing as "the best school". The boys make the school, not vice-versa. What suits one boy, may not suit another. It's all about fit. We invite you to explore our site to see if we are the school for your son - one where he will be happy, stretched, and successful.

Merchant Taylors’ is an exceptional learning community that provides a first class education in a humane and civilised environment. We value breadth of achievement as much as success at the highest level. Of greatest importance to us is that boys grow to be independent and free-thinking members of a diverse community and that, as they progress through the School, they develop: confidence; the essential skills for life after School; and a set of positive and morally secure values that will provide a base from which to meet the challenges of a changing (and often difficult) world. Above all we want pupils at the School to be happy, to be considerate of the needs of others and to feel that they are recognised as important and unique members of an exceptional organisation.

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