Uppingham School

Uppingham School

Type: Boarding / Co-ed
Age Range: 13-18
Head's Name: Richard Maloney
Address: 19 High Street West
LE15 9QE
United Kingdom
Phone: 01572 820601
Website: www.uppingham.co.uk
Division: East

School Profile

Uppingham School was founded in 1584 and the transition to one of the foremost public schools of its time from an unremarkable local Grammar School took place with the arrival of the great educationalist and headmaster, Edward Thring, in 1853.

Thring believed that the purpose of education was to find out what a child could do and then he encouraged his pupils to do it to the best of their ability. He was also the first great Headmaster to understand the importance of the pastoral development of the child.

The legacy of Edward Thring remains with us in a very real sense to this day. His pioneering beliefs in the values of an all-round education have determined many of the School’s distinguishing characteristics: that Houses should be small and family-like; that pupils should have privacy; that an all-round education should be offered to a broad range of children and that they are happier and learn better in inspiring surroundings.

It is still the objective of Uppingham to try and discover and nurture the maximum range of talents in all of its pupils.

Uppingham is one of few places that can declare itself a truly full boarding school. Of the School’s roll of 790, all but a handful are full boarders. Uppingham simply doesn’t experience any tension between the disparate needs of large numbers of boarders and day pupils. The School's 770 boarders benefit from a singular focus and an economy of scale that enables a remarkable depth and diversity of curricular and extra-curricular opportunity. Our day pupils similarly benefit from all the School has to offer.

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