The HMC Projects scholars who came in September 2020 were selected from fifteen countries – Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Boys and girls are selected for scholarships through entry procedures organised in their own countries by nationally accredited agencies and interviews conducted in English, normally in national capitals, by members of HMC Projects, most of whom are serving or former head teachers. Selection is based on results in the entry tests, a strong academic record and good references from the students’ own schools, proficiency in written and spoken English and performance at interview. An important criterion is the evident readiness of the student to adapt to a different country and to contribute through his or her own interests and enthusiasm to the life of the British school.

Scholarship winners are then allocated to schools across the United Kingdom, all of which have high standards of academic, sporting and cultural achievement. The schools offer the complete costs of tuition, food and accommodation. The total value of a scholarship is in the region of £40,000 a year.

All the schools in the programme are boarding schools, or schools with boarding houses, so students will become members of a full-time educational community, with members of the teaching staff responsible for their progress and welfare.

The Scholarship programme is open to students who will be at least 16 years old in the September when their year begins. The age limit for the same date is 17 years 6 months. Applications for scholarships must be made through the appropriate national co-ordinators by the announced closing date (which may be slightly different for each country). Selection for full scholarships is restricted to students whose parents’ combined net income was £30,000 or less in the year of their application. Please note, however, that students whose parental net income marginally exceeds this sum, may apply through the normal application procedure for a Reduced Fee Scholarship.

The HMC Projects Student Coordinator offers pastoral support throughout the year, additional to that provided by the schools, if required.

HMC Projects supports scholars in the first year at their school, although the scholarship will normally last for two years allowing scholars to complete their education in the UK ready for university in Europe and beyond. The financial terms for the second year will generally be the same or very similar to the terms of the first.

HMC Scholars usually emerge as outstanding members of their schools’ Sixth Forms, achieving excellent examination results, and offering a great deal besides. We are proud that former HMC Scholars are already occupying important posts in their own countries.

Financial Arrangements

To meet the administrative costs of the scholarship scheme it is necessary to charge an administrative fee to students selected for scholarships. For the academic year September 2022 – August 2023 this fee is £1250 for all full scholars. The fees for students selected from the Kirovograd region in Ukraine who are winners of a local competition are paid by a benefactor. Scholars do not pay a fee to HMC Projects in the second year.

Students are expected to pay for all their travel including flights to and from the UK and also travel within the UK to and from their schools. In the course of the academic year, students should expect to pay for at least three return flights to return home over the school holidays. In addition, they may opt to return home during the half-term holidays which would require three additional return flights.

In circumstances of exceptional financial difficulty, and only when appropriate and detailed information is supplied, HMC Projects may reduce the administrative fee and/or award limited financial support. No additional financial assistance is paid to scholars in their second year.