Clifton College

Clifton College

Type: Day / Boarding / Co-ed
Age Range: 2-18
Head's Name: Tim Greene
Address: 32 College Road
United Kingdom
Phone: 0117 315 7106
Division: South West

School Profile

The three schools that form Clifton College are bound by a common purpose and a shared ethos but are separate and distinct schools each with its own character.

Located in what the poet Betjeman described as 'the handsomest suburb in Europe' each of the three schools share the same splendid surroundings, and each has the twin advantages of being close to the resources of a thriving modern city and yet to some spectacular countryside too.

And so what is the ethos that the three schools share? Wholeness is the key. Clifton College is a school in which all of the pupils are valued in all that they do and in every aspect of their intellectual, sporting and spiritual lives. We place great emphasis upon:

  • teaching and learning, to help pupils explore their intellectual horizons and gain the highest results possible;
  • outstanding pastoral care;
  • implanting lasting social, moral and spiritual values.

During their time all pupils will discover something at which they shine and our aim is to enable them to develop themselves to the full and make a valuable contribution to the world in which they live. And we hope that they have great fun doing so too.

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