Eltham College

Eltham College

Type: Day / Co-ed
Age Range: 7-18
Head's Name: Guy Sanderson
Address: Grove Park Road
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 8857 1455
Website: www.elthamcollege.london
Division: London

School Profile

At Eltham College every student is known and valued as an individual. With excellent facilities, students are encouraged to perform at their highest level; in academia, sport, and our celebrated music, art and drama, there is scope for everyone to realise their potential.

All parents want the best experience for their children and at Eltham College we aim to provide the right environment for that to happen. Our size means that we know all students well and we are able to value them as individuals. All the students get a chance to take part, individual talents are nurtured and developed, and everyone (including the parents) enjoys a sense of belonging.

We are committed to academic achievement of the highest standards, but our yardstick is always the individual's potential. Our students are encouraged to perform at their highest level both academically and in the breadth of school life whether that be sport, music, art or drama. There is scope for everyone to realise that potential.

Eltham College is a medium sized school of about 665 pupils in the Senior School and 240 in the Junior School; it is not too big to be large and impersonal, yet the facilities are excellent, and the College has a feeling of quality about it.

Having boys only below the Sixth Form enables us to concentrate on what boys do well, while the co-educational Sixth Form provides the ideal environment to prepare students for the next step towards university and life beyond Eltham College: this really is the best of both worlds.

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