Eton College

Eton College

Type: Boarding / Single Sex (Boys only)
Age Range: 13-18
Head's Name: Simon Henderson
Address: Head Master's Office
Eton College
United Kingdom
Phone: 01753 370800
Division: South Central

School Profile

Eton has educated boys for nearly six centuries.

Eton is a full boarding school with no day or weekly students. Typically there are about 50 boys in a boarding house, ten in each year group. This offers a distinctive balance between small houses, which give a strong pastoral base, within a large, varied and challenging school.

A new boy to the school will come to know the people in his house community very well indeed – especially his house master who is principally responsible for him, and his dame, who looks after his domestic well-being. They offer support and encouragement in every aspect of a boy’s life but without unnecessary intrusion. It is a delicate and important balance: boys are encouraged to share problems with those that can help but are steered towards mature resolution of them through their own thought and effort.

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