Hutchesons’ Grammar School

Hutchesons’ Grammar School

Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: Colin Gambles
Address: 21 Beaton Road
G41 4NW
United Kingdom
Phone: 0141 423 2933
Division: Scottish

School Profile

Hutchesons’ is a famous school which has always been at the forefront of teaching and learning in Scotland.

Since its foundation in 1641 Hutchesons' Grammar School has been providing the young people of Glasgow with a great Scottish education, with the emphasis on academic excellence.

Nowadays, Hutchesons’ is a large and dynamic school of tremendous vitality and diversity, where pupils from P1 to S6 follow a very broad curriculum, blending the traditional and the modern.  Experienced teachers are one of Hutchesons’ greatest strengths, and we give them the resources they need to do their job to the highest possible standards.

Hutchesonians excel in a wide variety of sports both nationally and internationally, and the quality of performance in music, drama and the arts is equally high.  Our pupils follow their interests in and out of the classroom, broadening their outlook, with unrivalled opportunities for involvement in clubs and societies, visits and tours both within the UK and abroad, and for personal challenge - we have one of the largest Duke of Edinburgh's Award programmes in the country.

As individuals, Hutchesons’ pupils are encouraged to develop independence, self-discipline, integrity and consideration for others.  They are part of a large community of learners, where every individual is important.  They will learn to be thoughtful, articulate and well-read and to have a clear idea about how they want to live their lives beyond school and university.

Scots have always valued education very highly, and for over three centuries Hutchesons’ has sent young men and women out into the world secure in the knowledge that they are part of that tradition.

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