University College School

University College School

Type: Day / Co-ed
Age Range: 11-18
Head's Name: Mark Beard
Address: Frognal
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7435 2215
Division: London

School Profile

University College School was founded in Gower Street in 1830 as part of University College, London and moved to generous buildings in Hampstead in 1907.  UCS was founded to be different from other schools and it remains so today. 

Our liberal philosophy lends the school a distinctiveness of which we are extremely proud.  We are, of course, committed to academic excellence.  We believe, however, that this should be more than a narrow aim in itself.  Excellence at UCS at every level from age 3 to 18, results from not only effective teaching and learning.  It depends upon respect for the individuality of each pupil, recognition of each pupil's talents, interests and potential, and a very high quality of personal care.  Education at UCS is a friendly and purposeful co-operation between school, pupil and home.  Founded as a tolerant community without religious or ethnic barriers, we could not approach our work in any other way.

The UCS family comprises three separate schools offering education to children at each stage of their development, from the age of three, until they move on to higher education.

UCS is one of the top academic schools in London - but it is far more than that. UCS is genuinely distinctive. At UCS, academic success is just one part of an outstanding all-round education.

We treat every student as an individual. We know them all well.  We respect them all. We draw out their individual talents and we rejoice in their personal achievements and in their individual contribution. Education at UCS is lively and varied, creative and imaginative.

True to the aims of our founders, we encourage intellectual curiosity and we foster a real sense of communal endeavour. More than just a place of study, UCS is an inclusive, tolerant, positive and friendly community. It is stimulating and demanding; cheerful and open-minded.

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