Wellington College

Wellington College

Type: Day / Boarding / Co-ed
Age Range: 13-18
Head's Name: James Dahl
Address: Dukes Ride
RG45 7PU
United Kingdom
Phone: 01344 444 101
Website: www.wellingtoncollege.org.uk
Division: South Central

School Profile

Wellington College is the place where a fusion of originality, innovation and 150 years of tradition and history produces an education unlike any other.

Wellington is an all-round school. That is not code for being 'non-academic'.  We have increased our academic standard for entry and we expect every girl and boy to achieve their personal best in their exams, which in many cases are all A grades. But an education system only based on passing exams fails our children. Being an all-round school means truly educating a child for life, and developing their 'intelligence' in the broadest way.  I believe in an approach to education based on the idea that people have 'multiple' intelligences. Everyone's ability in each intelligence is different and the blend is unique.

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